A Gentleman’s Guide to a Perfectly Groomed Beard

The importance of looking good cannot be overlooked since now that the book is essentially judged by its cover. Facial features can speak a lot about a person’s character and what better way to make a lasting good impression than the beard.

Gone are the laid back looks, where it was okay to look like a slob. As tuxedo and shirts started replacing the t-shirts and polo it also paved way to well-kept mane and groomed beard. It is not a big deal to grow a beard any guy can grow a beard, but how well you groom it, how you play your beard to your strength is the trick in grooming.

Include these in your beard grooming kit

·         Stylist: the first step to groom a beard is to get it styled professional. It is a difficult task and the word of mouth helps in finding the right stylist. Once the beard is styled according to your preference, it is in your hands to groom it and look your best all day every day.

·         Beard trimmer: it is the basic gizmo if you grow a beard and want to look good. It is inexcusable to look like a slob stating you did not have time go to the stylist. A grooming kit will help you groom yourself when you cannot run to the stylist for your big interview or for your fun date. Remember to moisturize your beard after this.

·         Healthy diet: remember how bad hair on girls disgusts you? Well the same applies to you to. It is not granted for you to have dandruff or flaky skin on your beard. Maintain a healthy diet and see the difference in your beard hair.

·         Beard oil: why beard oil you ask? Well, oil is the energy juice for hair. This includes facial hair also. Beard oil hydrates your beard hair and keeps the dandruff at bay. The most effective way to apply beard oil is to damp hair. In addition if you have patchy hair growth, it helps in giving volume to the hair.

·         Beard wax: beard wax unlike the beard oil has wax in it and also helps in moisturizing the beard. Continuous application has also proved effective in getting rid of split ends and flaky skin. It gives a healthy shine to your beard.

Remember it depends on you whether the girl stays or call help and run like crazy looking at you. Spend a little time on yourself every day and you can notice how the world around you changes for the better.

*All of Big Tree Beard Co. oils and balms are lightweight and won't weigh down your beard or feel greasy. They will help moisturize the skin underneath your beard, soften your facial hair, reduce itching, and create the conditions for healthy beard growth(not to mention make it smell great)!