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Essential Beard Grooming Products for the Stylish Man

A well groomed beard is the hallmark of a dignified gentleman. If you want to get it spot-on, be sure you have the right collection of beard grooming products in your cabinet.

Beard wash

Don’t strain the delicate hair of your beard by lathering it up with the strong shampoos meant for your head. Stock up on some beard wash that’s made for the gentleman who likes to keep a clean beard. And remember, you must always condition after you have washed your beard. If you don’t have a special wash, you can substitute with a very mild soap or shampoo, used in small quantities and greatly diluted. The key is to keep it light, and avoid an overdose of chemicals. Something that has natural cleansers like lime can clean out dirt from pores and prevent pimples.

Beard oil

A beard oil is a conditioner for your beard - one that can be left in to give you glossy looking, dandruff-free and soft beard. The best time to use a beard oil is just after you have showered. This is when the pores are still open and the skin is moist, allowing the oil to do its best work. The oil really does work like an elixir for the hair and keeps the skin beneath the beard soft as well. It also helps ease any itchiness that you might experience while growing out a beard.

A good comb

No, the one you have for combing your hair doesn't count. You will need a comb meant for the beard. Pick a handmade comb. A saw cut style usually works well. If you must use a brush, choose one that has natural animal hair and not a nylon one.

Beard balms

Hair styling wax meant for use on the beard is lighter than the kind for mustaches. These can help you style your beard any way you like, offering a gentle hold that keeps the look in place. Most of these waxes also have some natural conditioners in them.

Beard Trimmer

Thankfully for bearded men, manufacturers of men’s grooming products have recognized that we need dedicated tools. Pick up a beard trimmer and you will be able to use its relatively tiny head to shape your beard as you choose. They are also far gentler on the skin and take the risk out of trimming your beard. And there are less chances of trimming off more than you want too!

Shaving tools

When you need to shape your beard into the style you desire, you will need to arm yourself with a good shaving cream and a good razor blade. A good light fluffy cream that doesn't clog up the blade is a good idea. Also invest in a nice smelling aftershave lotion that has natural oils to moisturize when you are done.

*All of Big Tree Beard Co. oils and balms are lightweight and won't weigh down your beard or feel greasy. They will help moisturize the skin underneath your beard, soften your facial hair, reduce itching, and create the conditions for healthy beard growth(not to mention make it smell great)!